MEDAPTI - genius invention designed by mum to help with a tricky and often stressful task of giving medicine to babies. VOOM Dublin Finalist



The story of my Invention


My name is Dora and I am a mum of two beautiful boys who are the inspiration and the drive behind the new baby syringe adapter that will help to dispense liquid medication to babies. When they were little, I really struggled to give them medicine. My first baby was on reflux medication for months and I used to cringe every time I had to use the hard plastic baby syringe. I was worried about hurting his delicate gums. My second baby had no medical issues but he refused to take any medication altogether. Getting the syringe near his mouth was an achievement, let alone trying to squirt the medicine in his mouth. He used to pull away, move around and cry uncontrollably. I was always worried that he would become more unwell. I was also anxious that the medicine would shoot straight down his throat and make him choke (which happened a few times and was incredibly scary!). Giving him his medication was just a very distressing experience. Every time I saw his distraught face or the medicine spilled all over him, me or the floor, I just couldn’t stop thinking: “There has to be a better way!”. One night, I started drawing the designs, I got the play-doh, scissors and paper out and this is how the whole journey began…the idea of MEDAPTI was born. 


There are many types of medicine dispensers: soft syringes, dummy dispensers, syringe bottles and many more which also proves that there is an issue with giving medicine to babies. Some can make your baby choke, some are too messy, some too difficult to use, some are not suitable for babies that don’t take dummies or bottles, some simply ineffective. MEDAPTI tackles all of these issues.

How will MEDAPTI help you to give medicine to your baby?

  • It directs medicine to the cheek. Dispensing medicine to the side is the safest way as it prevents from choking. This method also helps to avoid bitter taste buds and makes it harder for a baby to spit the medicine out which in result minimises the risk of baby taking an incorrect dose.
  • It helps to keep the syringe in baby's mouth even if the baby is moving around or refusing to take the medicine, which also minimises the risk of baby taking an incorrect dose.
  • It is soft, protecting baby's mouth and gums.
  • It keeps the syringe clean so when giving more than 5ml, there is no need to clean the syringe in between the dosing.  
  • It is simple and mess free.
  • It only requires the use of one hand when dispensing the medicine, leaving you with a free hand to hold your baby.

Up to date, I received a very positive feedback from parents as well as health professionals. MEDAPTI gained real interest in hospitals like Great Ormond Street Hospital, Alder Hey, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Manchester Children’s Hospital.

To date, I had an amazing PR coverage, including The SunThe Mirror and second best-selling newspaper in Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza. MEDAPTI was featured on Mummy Pages, The Baby Website and Nursery Online. I also secured various free guest blog posts: Honest MumPacif-iBringing Up CharlieMum Muddling ThroughMum Turned MomInspiring MompreneursMother Distracted and Little Hearts, Big Love - a mum blogger whose daughter was born with half a working heart, who could see a real need in my invention and wished she had my product when her baby was born. 

I know that MEDAPTI will not only become a must-have baby care item but a hospital tool, helping to dispense medicine to babies, premature infants, disabled and elderly.

I am very proud of how far I got with the development of my invention. I loved every minute of turning an idea to where it is now and I am ready to take it to the next level. 

This is why I need YOUR HELP. Please VOTE for MEDAPTI and help me get the support I need to make it happen!