Green Sisters promote accessible, inclusive free-from food, whose core range of samosas are vegan friendly and free from all 14 allergens.

Navreet Thind

Navreet Thind

Authentic, award-winning and allergen-free!

Great tasting, inclusive Indian food that's truly 1c4b5018c4f1236744e37c0b93a4c354.png


Green Sisters was founded in 2016 by us; Geeta and Reena! We’re two sisters who are mad about food and love to share!

Our journey began long before we incorporated in 2016 where for many years, as a family, we found it exceptionally challenging to eat a single meal together, that met all of our family's dietary needs.

Around 15 years ago, Geeta (photo: left), one of the sisters was diagnosed as a Coeliac. For those who don’t know, this meant that she could not eat foods containing gluten or wheat - such as Pizza’s, Chapatis, Samosas and more! - unless a gluten-free alternative existed. Can you believe it took 15 years till Geeta was able to eat a Samosa again?! Combined with her vegetarian diet, this made finding food that was delicious and nutritious to eat very challenging, both at home and even more challenging when away.


Reena (photo: right) and the rest of the family would often try (but struggle) to find foods that Geeta and the family could all eat together, around the same table.

After speaking with others, it dawned on us that this challenge was not unique to us. In a variety of scenarios, at home or away, many people continue to miss out on amazing, great tasting food, for the simple fact that their diet restricts or limits them in some way. We realised that not only were people missing out due to their dietary requirements, but their loved ones were also struggling to cater to their dietary needs.

Although advances have been made on the free-from shelf, we still believe that there remains a significant gap in the market for those individuals who have multiple dietary requirements. This realisation and our desire to enable friends and families to be able to share the same meals together once more, led to the birth of Green Sisters; an Indian food company who strongly believe that dietary needs shouldn’t mean that taste and quality have to be compromised. So, what do Green Sisters offer?


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Specialising in and providing artisan, authentic, Indian ‘free-from’ food, Green Sisters’ product range boasts a large variety of Samosas, Spice pots and Chutneys! With over 8 varieties of Sweet and Savoury, Gluten Free Vegan Samosas to choose from, including our Gold Award-Winning Veggie’Licious (mixed vegetables and potato), Spicy’Licious, Appl’Licious and Organic Fairtrade Choco’Licious samosa, there’s something for everyone! And when we say everyone, we really do mean it – not only are our products Vegan friendly, but our core range are also free from the following 14 major allergens:


Not only do we have a product range to suit all tastes but we also use ingredients with true health credentials, such as turmeric, cinnamon, vegetables and even the crisp, protein-based pastry that all of our samosas are wrapped in!

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But let’s be honest, you don’t need to listen to us talk about how great we think our products are, they speak for themselves! Not only are our samosas delicious and allergen-free, but they’re also award-winning! Green Sisters have been recognised in a number of awards, such as receiving Gold at the FreeFrom Awards in both the ‘Food Manufactured for Food Service Environments’ and ‘Foods Designed for Children’ categories.                                    


So, we have worked tirelessly and put our heart and soul into producing a product range that provides authentic, Indian flavours that everyone can enjoy and that’s even won awards, but why have we entered Voom 2018?

The main reason is to help us reach YOU. Although we’ve already met many of you at various food festivals across the country, we really want to be more accessible to everyone. Your votes will help us to increase our production volume by allowing us to set up a fully functional, allergen friendly, permanent production facility. Our increased production volume will enable us to achieve our mission of helping people eat together by supplying more venues across the country and therefore increasing our availability. This is really important to us as the question we are asked most often is:


So, please support us, a young, vibrant, honest start-up in achieving this goal and perhaps you may see us in your local store soon! Thank you for your support and don’t forget to hit the vote button above!