NOT A SOFT CHOICE - a unique range of bold, zero-sugar sparkling drinks, to be enjoyed in place of alcohol

Peel & Spice

Peel & Spice


Peel & Spice™ drinks are zero sugar all-natural sparkling drinks to be consumed in place of alcohol in licensed venues. The development of our own bespoke spice infusions is innovative in creating a ‘fizzy drink’ that doesn’t use sugar or sweeteners, but still offers a lingering mouth-feel and balanced sweetness from our specific blend of spices.

Our approach is to shift negative connotations associated with carbonated soft drinks. Sugar is currently public enemy number one, and demand for non-alcoholic drinks is at an all-time high - Peel & Spice is your zero sugar drink without compromising on flavour. As such, our brand is focused around the following four key attributes:

ZERO SUGAR – use absolutely no sugar or sweeteners in our drinks

BOLD FLAVOURS - no compromise here! Whilst taking sugar away, we wanted to retain the bold, spicy, unique flavours we know everyone loves. Definitely NOT a soft choice.

ZERO ALCOHOL – we use absolutely no alcohol in our drinks. We proactively support the alcohol free movement and use strong flavours to satisfy the boldest of drinkers.

100% NATURAL - no artificial flavouring, colourings or preservatives. No GM ingredients and nothing you can't pronounce. Just honest, natural and delcious infusions using ethically sourced herbs, citrus peels and immune-boosting spices.

Finally there is something to enjoy at pubs, bars and restaurants instead of sugar-heavy, artifically sweetened, caffeine-pulsing coca cola and lemonade, that we're all too accustomed to.

Peel & Spice's™ primary focus is on providing variety and excitement within the stagnated and unhealthy on-trade industry. Secondly we hope to empower consumers to choose non-alcoholic drinks despite age-old social stigmas, pressures and drinking norms by demonstrating that 'soft drinks' are no longer the 'soft choice'. 

                          BE BOLD. DRINK DIFFERENT.