Bookabees is an award winning innovative book club totally for children on a mission to "Inspire a World of Storytellers"



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Bookabees is on a mission to Inspire a World of Storytellers

We’re an award winning innovative book club totally for children.

The Guardian called us a “Clever Book Club” and the Daily Mail said we can “get any child excited about reading.”

Bookabees is a children’s library, bookshop and subscription box all mashed into one!

Why now?

 Because there is a reading problem.

  • “Only 40% of England’s ten year olds have a positive attitude to reading” (The Reading Agency)
  • “Only 1 in 5 parents easily find the opportunity to read to their children” (The Reading Agency)
  • “32% of children cannot find things to read which interest them” (National Literacy Trust)
  • “1 in 4 children cannot read well by the time they leave primary school” (Save the Children)

 and with government cuts it’s now critical…. Over 350 local libraries have closed in the past few years (Chartered Institute of Librarians).

And parents are looking for help.

How Bookabees works?


Each month children receive an awesome personalised box with their name emblazoned on the front, featuring brilliant books and activities that have either been selected by parents or child or hand-chosen by Bookabees based on your child's age, stage and interests. You can then either keep the book(s) for 50% of the retail price, or return them in a pre-paid delivery box with no added cost.

From the moment the delivery arrives, the excitement begins as the child finds, then opens, explores, selects, reads, feeds back and then anticipates their next delivery. Inspiration can come in many forms but by encouraging this level of excitement around reading books, Bookabees has created something special.


Building a love of reading for their children is on all parents’ minds, however putting it into practice can be financially challenging and not as easy as it should be. With a small monthly subscription cost, a parent has the chance to make one of the most powerful investments of their lives. And with no tie in the control is in the parents’ hands.

Life is busy for families and time is limited - Bookabees offers that helping-hand to engage children with reading. Children no longer need to struggle to find books that interest them and parents have an easy tool to help them inspire voracious reading. Bookabees is a fun and easy to use platform that creates an enjoyable bond between the parent and child.

The Bookabees Team

Adrian, founder’s motivation is simple he wants his son, Frederick, to have every opportunity in life and all the evidence shows that “the best gift I can give him, is to help him become a proficient and passionate reader.”

Adrian, after training and then operating as a finance director, set up Bookabees on his personal mission and to counter head-on the alarming trends.

Adrian co-founded Bookabees with Nathan Vingoe and Caroline Jary.

Nathan is the tech brain who creates the algorithm that brings together the advice from their teaching panel and information children give when accessing the site to tailor the book choices to the individual child.

Caroline is the mum and marketeer who joined the team after experiencing the Bookabees effect with her son, Finley.

The wider network incorporates a community of educational experts who assist in book selection, trending themes and educational tips.

So far…. So good

We launched just in time for Christmas 2016 and the press immediately picked us up with The Guardian calling us “a clever book club” and the Daily Mail saying we can “get any child excited about reading”. We’re Made-for-Mums 2017 and 2018 award winners.

83% of subscribers are word-of-mouth or referred.

Bookabees has created wonderful partnerships with Usborne, Quarto Books, David Higham Associates, Barefoot books and many others so that whether books are purchased or borrowed through Bookabees investment can go back to the writers to keep the industry fueled with fresh talent and stories.   

Join us

Join us as we create millions of Bookabees moments and inspire the next generation of storytellers.