Turning soft skill business books into online, interactive courses so users can learn, retain and use the content in a fraction of the time.

Kevin Redmond

Kevin Redmond

The Problem:

We all buy business books with the hope of gleaning useful and actionable information from the business leaders and subject matter experts who have gone before us and written the book. There are however 3 problems:

  1. We buy the book with great intentions, and never open it
  2. We open the book, we start it but never finish it.
  3. We finish the book, but 3 or 4 weeks later we have forgotten the vast majority of the content. 

How can we expect to implement the experience and knowledge of these business leaders and subject matter experts if we cannot remember it?

The Solution:

UseBecause.com convert existing soft skill business books into online, interactive certified courses so that users can learn, retain and use the experience and knowledge of subject matter experts in a fraction of the time it takes to read the book.

Introducing: The LRU Method

Learn. Retain. Use.


We take the most actionable content (think - stories, facts, figures, statistics, humour, and most importantly the overarching philosophy) from popular soft skill business books and teach it to you. Not read you summaries or ask you to read extracts. Teach it to you.


What is the point in us putting together exceptional lessons based on incredibly rich-in-resources books if you do not remember any of the content? (HINT: There is no point!) We have you covered.


In order to retain information it needs to be reinforced. However, it needs to be reinforced in a particular way. We must be reminded of the new information right at the points at which we are about to forget it. So...what are those points? We have developed a 'Spaced Repetition' summary series whereby our users receive brief recaps of their course at ever increasing intervals. 



So you have learned and retained the content. Now we want to give you the opportunity to track and prove your soft skill development. So for every course you complete you will receive a certificate of completion.


Milestones achieved


  • Beta platform for hosting courses and analysing usage is complete and ready for deployment to selected test customers
  • Test versions of courses created with various software – Prezi (presentation software), Camtasia (screen capture software), Articulate (content creation software) and rendered into SCORM files (SCORM is necessary to allow interactivity in lessons)
  • Interactivity for courses wire framed and ready for deployment
  • Website landing page complete (not yet pushed live)
  • Hubspot CRM implemented with Hubspot Sales Add-on for Outlook incorporated to track all communication (including upcoming tasks) with leads (potential customers/authors/publishers)


  • Estimated time to convert a book into a course mapped out
  • Best approach for securing books understood (author first, publisher second)
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) used to track books through our pipeline and hence makes scalability possible as we grow our pipeline

Potential customers

  • Possible market segment identified, and cross section of 20+ individuals (CEO's, CFO's, HR dir.) contacted with feedback collated
  • 500+ companies fitting beachhead market profile identified and collated.

Authors/Publishing houses

  • 180+ books identified with contact information for authors and publishers. 
  • Generic publishing agreement completed
  • 42 books secured and publishing agreements signed with 19 authors/publishers