CardsOnTap will modernise and ease the flow of Business card distribution, increasing networking capacity, driving sales and is eco friendly

Neema Williams Morel

Neema Williams Morel

CardsOnTap (Winner or 3 awards in 2017 including Next Big Thing and successful 10,300, pre-trial web clicks) offers a simple to use mobile application that stores and creates digital versions of business cards. The application intends to move business card users from paper based business cards, to digital business cards.

The application will offer its’ users, a simple, cost effective, environmentally friendly way to network and connect with potential clients. The application offers a creative design suite to design business cards from scratch, and search features enabling quick contact with potential clients. The application will upgrade the way we do business encouraging business people to network more fluidly and frequently. The CardsOnTap Application will increase sales with targeted promotions, and allow businesses to brand their business, in ways they have never been able to do before. CardsOnTap will become the best application to introduce any business in every country. In comparison to the traditional paper business card, using CardsOnTap will immediately save businesses money and then it will provide the platform for business to make more money. The scope for this application to grow in usage is unlimited as we intend for it to be used world wide. The potential for the application to develop is also promising as we plan to enhance integration capabilities, animation facilities and introduce augmented reality (for those companies really wishing to push the boundaries on their business branding).

CardsOnTap aims to achieve our goal by solving the problems of:

  • Losing or damaging the Business Cards of goods and service providers that you had intended to use.
  • Not having enough networking time to collect business cardsNot having enough Cards to hand out during networking.
  • Forgetting to bring business cards to an event (ultimately loosing essential and prospective clients)
  • Business card printing charges inc the constant reprint charge when minor information in the business changes e.g a phone number, offices.
  • Sorting through business cards once you have collected them (a problem if you attend events frequently and collect many cards)
  • Retaining contacts that have been made in the past (staying relevant)
  • The speed of turning good communication to response and adoption
  • Negative, intrusive and forceful business to business advertising.

I ask you to think about your business card pile (or the amount of business cards you receive) and then think again about this smart concept. 

Its simple but undeniably a game changer - Support our wish to pitch