Coindrum operates self-service units in airports that turn your leftover coins into duty free vouchers worth 110% of deposits.

Lukas Decker

Lukas Decker

Coindrum operates across 7 countires and 10 international airports, including the worlds biggest in Dubai. We are backed by travel tech veterans including the founders of Ryanair, Hostelworld, CarTrawler and more.

How it works.Coindrum is a simple way for airport visitors to convert their loose change into something meaningful.As travellers move from one currency zone to another, they are left with pockets full of practically useless coins. These coins usually end up in a jar in someone’s home, several time zones away, and eventually in the bin. So here’s the opportunity. 

Coins are simply dropped into a Coindrum machine, the passenger can convert their coins into a voucher to spend in the airport shops. Vouchers are worth 10% more than the value of their coins. Time to go shopping.

How it works for Duty-Free.Put simply, Coindrum makes non-spenders spend. The Coindrum unit is placed inside walkthrough duty free stores, or between security and retail areas. Coindrum users commit to shopping and, thus, increase sales. Not only this but they spend on average 10x what their vouchers are worth, even outspending their non-voucher counterparts.

It drives sales.And we can prove it. A significantly greater number of passengers will shop, which drives duty free revenues.

It solves a problem.Leftover coins are a nuisance. Suddenly, a problem becomes an opportunity to drive enhanced retail revenues and customer service.

It looks after itself.Coindrum provides the technology, maintenance, coin processing and advertising for the service. 

It reduces hassle.No coins have to be added up by cashiers or customers, speeding up the checkout process. And time, after all, is money.

It can benefit charity.We can offer travellers to choose a donation option such as UNICEF, or to select a retail voucher on the touch screen.

It is unrivalled technology.Simple touch screen User Interface in multiple languages, multiple currency support, 24/7 real time remote support and online transaction logging, bulk coin deposits with antifraud coin recognition and debris handling system, self-locking and wheeled coin vaults.