Just like comparison sites for insurance, all you do is answer few questions about your current cyber and we find right match for you. Easy!

Kiran Bhagotra

Kiran Bhagotra

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We are ProtectBox, and we make cyber security simple and fun.

Cyber security gets more important with each passing day. More and more individuals and businesses go online, expand their online services, collect and store personal and payment information online, take advantage of cloud-based services, and so on. The online world is increasingly a land of opportunity for nefarious ne’er-do-wells and scoundrels and the like.

More than ever, then, cyber security is a vital part of an online existence. But how do you go about setting up protection? Hire an expert to do it for you, at great expense? Spend hours that you could be working to source the best security solution? Or do you do a quick and simple search?

Last one, of course, well now you can with ProtectBox! In a similar way to comparison sites for car insurance and the like, all you do is log in, answer a few questions about your current cyber security status and your needs, and ProtectBox will search through providers to find the right match for your business.

From here, it is simple to filter the bundles that we show you to get what you want and make enquiries online or just buy our recommended protection right away in one easy click. This saves a lot of time and energy for both the business in need and for the suppliers, who will have to go through less back and forth with a potential client/customer before closing the sale.

Our bundles include the sort of stuff we all know to buy like email protection, anti-virus, and anti-malware. But also the less obvious but just as important solutions like training, cyber regulation and cyber insurance are also included. 

Businesses, you pay us nothing to use our website (compared to the thousands of pounds you pay right now), we take our fee from suppliers. We also (quite uniquely) help you monitor your bought products for GDPR etc through our one portal via paid subscriptions.

We’re all about collaborating! You hear about us through your 'trusted' partners / service providers like accountants, telecoms, banks, insurers etc refer us to you (businesses). We give you an all-in-one cyber add-on in same way as insurance add-ons are sold with banking products. We can even make it even easier for you by pulling your answers to our questions from these partners' systems. We are partnering with 4 'household' names already with 10+ international governments and corporates coming soon.

Partners we help build loyalty for your non-compete services. Businesses, you have peace of mind that the Suppliers and Partners working with us care about you and your cybersecurity

In just over a year we've built our platform, no easy task! We've effectively automated 3 markets & stitched their processes together. So we've built 3 companies in time most build 1. We've lined up first customers for our launch soon and we're closing first funding round. 

We won Wired Security and finalist in 20+ other Awards. Lots of media as we’re seen as best choice to make cybersecurity simple. And because we’re challenging the norms of who can work in it. And because we make it fun….just like us

But don’t take my word for it, watch our (above) video & read for yourself at www.protectbox.com. 

So, if you are ready to make cybersecurity simple and fun, help us to help you by voting for us, pledging today, signing up to our website, promoting us....joining the ProtectBox family!