a digital exchange where musicians, artists and film-makers connect, co-create, fund, distribute and manage content in one space



The Future of Creativity                    

Most human labour will be automated within a lifetime. But even the most advanced AI can't automate creativity. The world's digital artists and producers need a different kind of technology.

The Supply Chain Becomes the Supply Network

Combining crowdfunding, self-funding, rights management, and direct compensation. Using blockchain methodology, Delic tracks metadata from the point of creation of media parts (‘stems’) on a tokenised ledger.

Delic will play a significant role in the support and development of the next generation of talent, enabling outsourced A&R, talent scouting and artist development.

By allowing sponsorship of new work, peers become business partners. B2B Collaboration provides greater value-add to B2C dealings. Businesses can be built on top of the Commons.

The exchange will also enable simplified synchronisation, re-use of media, and targeted sponsorship opportunities for brands.

Bringing process innovation to the music industry, powered by the Crowd and Industry stakeholders on a Peer-to-Peer Commons In cash and in kind token system: users can submit constituent parts of works to earn credit on the exchange that can be reinvested into other new content through Delic’s ‘Pay it forward’ streaming service. Or cashed out as pay.

Market Opportunity

  • First 2 years focus across the Global Creative Commons and Music Industry
  • Due to the collaborative nature of both music and the marketplace, Delic will expand into Online Collaboration, Video, Prosumer markets and the wider creative industries.
  • These combined markets are currently worth in excess of $16 billion and if the combined CAGR of the following sectors is maintained at its current rate of growth, they would reach $50 billion by 2024.

View the prototype at http://www.delic.network