Crowdfunding platform where you can support any charity or cause of your choice by donating the excess of your computer's processor power.

Jacob Piotrowski

Jacob Piotrowski

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £50,000 target

What is Give Bytes and why it will change the world? is a crowdfunding website where anyone can support the cause of their choice by donating the excess of processing power produced by their computers.


We've built a prototype website showing how it works. It’s super simple – no installation is required. All you need to do is go to one of Give Bytes campaign pages like this one and click START MINING.

Unless you use your computer for heavy computing operations like 3D rendering or movie editing chances are you utilize 10-30% of your CPU. With Give Bytes you can now donate the excess of this power to a cause of your choice.

Where does the money come from?

In the world of virtual currencies mining is exchanging the processing power of your computer for a monetary reward. The donated computing power allows the Blockchain network to grow. Each time a calculation is validated a virtual currency reward is issued to the campaigner’s digital wallet address.

The process of browser-mining allows generation of marginal amounts. It depends on the parameters of your computer and the type of coin you are mining, but on average every 6-8 hours of mining can produce anything between $0.01 to $1. It’s not much but if you imagine 10,000 people doing it everyday it becomes real value.


The goal is to build a platform where 100% of income from donations and mining goes to the fundraiser. We are doing this to familiarize general public with virtual currencies and to fully reward those who run their campaigns. To ensure the platform maintenance and hosting costs are covered we will introduce a 7 day limit for free campaigns. Fundraisers can decide if they want to extend the campaign duration at a fixed cost.

We’ve decided to make use of this technology and to build a crowdfunding platform where people with no technical background can easily and anonymously contribute to the cause of their choice without even reaching to their wallet.

We believe that this new way of crowdfunding can unite people of different social statuses and help make the world better and more equal. With GiveBytes anyone from any country in the world can equally contribute to the same cause. Even you - Sir Richard Branson.

Check out our demo campaigns:

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  2. Support 7 suns music band who wants to record a new album
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Meet the founder


"There is significantly more people full of compassion who use computers than those who can afford to donate money. I've been talking with my friend who's also a Blockchain enthusiast. We asked ourselves the question - how can we empower people who wamt to contribute to fundraising campaigns but who cannot afford it. We started brainstorming and came up with Give Bytes"

Jacob Piotrowski - Co-funder & CEO

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