Enhancing wellbeing in care through activity, no matter a persons age or ability. Increasing physical, social and mental wellbeing!

Matthew Inniss

Matthew Inniss

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Raised of £50,000 target

  1. What started literally as a dream when my girlfriend woke me up in the middle of the night and said "Pickle, I've had a dream about delivering exercise classes to old people" and me not being pleased about being woken up because we had work in the morning! Fast forward 6 years and we have transormed into an activity provider to enhance the wellbeing for service users and residents in care. Working with older adults, people learning difficulties, physical disabilites, mental health conditions, womens refuges and homeless peoples, we aim to increase physical, social and mental wellbeing to those in care. To date we have delivered over 14,000 sessions to over 500 care settings amd proud to have touched the lives of  1000s of people.

I'm proud of the journey so far, despite the hurdles that we've had to jump over and the setbacks along the journey. I'm extremely lucky to have such a supporting girlfriend and great mother that's laid down the foundations for me to succeed.

Now with your help, we're ready to touch the lives of 1000s of others to enhance wellbeing in care through activity, no matter a persons age or ability!