We produce child-friendly, fun, adventurous picture books to help families and children who have to go through life's toughest adventures.

Tracy Hughes

Tracy Hughes

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Eva's Adventures write, illustrate and publish children's picture books to put smuddles and kisses into helping children to deal with life's toughest adventures.  Based on one child's real life journey through a cancer diagnosis, each story takes very serious challenges which children face and presents it in a fun, heart-warming and uplifting manner helping children to escape the difficulties their situation possess; by creating the most magically adventurous family memories.

The most precious girl in the world entered my life in November 2008.  From that moment, life as I knew it was perfect - until, September 2012.  Eva who hadn’t been feeling well on and off for a number of weeks took a seizure and eventually after numerous weeks and tests, was diagnosed with a very large and rare brain tumour which had already spread down her spine. 

I don’t believe I’ll ever forget the Sunday morning a few weeks into treatment when Eva’s hair came into her hand as she scratched her head. She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and with a gasp and surprised look on her face she asked me could I "... put it back in?” At that moment I knew my life was changed forever and I would never be the same person again.  I took the hair out of Eva’s hand and I sat her on the bed.  Smiling at her through my heartbreak, I explained that some boys and girls have hair that goes on an adventure and this was “Eva’s hairs time to take an adventure of its own.” So, Eva’s hair now became known as ‘Hair’, a very real character in the family household! 

Realising that there was little by way of children's literature available to help Eva to understand what was happening, I set out to give Eva a very special Christmas present, a book, for her about her, called "The Adventures of Eva's Hair".  Ironically and devastatingly, the publication date turned out to be the day of Eva's burial. As life would have it, I was to be blessed with 7 all too short, but sublimely incredible years, of thee most loved filled, awe inspiring, bubbly little character with the warmest personality all contained within my most precious best friend and my real life hero, Eva.  In the midst of devastating heartbreak, Eva’s legacy was born, her destiny was and is to be, one of helping others. 

Six months later, and three print sell outs, 27 awards to include Young Enterprise Best Product NI and UK as well as European Runner Up, £10,000 was donated to three local children's charities.  It was this journey, my love and admiration for Eva and my compassion for other families suffering these same issues, which caused me to write my first professional publication called ‘Eva Meets Dr Mac’ - a fun picture verse book aimed at helping children who must take on a hospital adventure of their own. 

This is only the beginning for Eva's Adventures - we have are in the process of registering Caring Adventures, a chairty in Eva's name which will help other children and families as they need it, as well as numerous plans which will provide ways and means to help the healing process as we put Eva smuddles and kisses into every adventure that children like Eva and families like ours must take.