FITCH Brew Co is on a mission to challenge people’s perceptions about coffee. It's #timetowakeup and unleash the potential of Cold Brew.

Andy Deeley

Andy Deeley

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Raised of £15,000 target

Emily and Andy's Story:

Emily was lucky enough to find her career passion early on. She began working in the drinks industry in 2008 at Corona, and fell in love with the people, the brands, the innovation and the buzz. She went on to work for the likes of Pernod Ricard and Brewdog but all the while knew she wanted to start her own drinks brand but unsure of what she wanted that to be.

Andy was equally lucky to find his passion for startups, after working for corporate giant KPMG he craved the challenge to make more of an impact in a business. He moved to music tech startup Crowdsurge (who ultimately became Songkick) where he helped grow the company significantly in 4 years, ultimately through to an exit.

Our Inspiration & Journey so far...

One sunny New York day we came across Cold Brew and that tah dah moment happened. We knew immediately the endless possibilities of what we could do, and the spark was lit. Emily immediately quit her job and FITCH was born.

A few current partners & stockists of FITCH:


Fast forward 6 months of building the business plan, designing the brand and drinking and testing millions of cups of coffee (we haven’t slept since) we took to Crowdfunding to raise the initial capital to launch the business. In Feb 2017 the pitch went live on Crowdcube and we managed to overfund and close the round in a mere 29 incredible hours. We went on to officially launch the business in June 2017 and are now listed with 6 national distribution companies, stocked in independent and national chains around the country and have begun the exciting journey into export and retail.

What FITCH is all about:

Our mission is simple: We want to constantly challenge people’s perceptions about what you can do with coffee. Gone are the days where coffee is only drank hot with milk and 2 sugars and welcome to a new world of innovation, passion and knowledge. We are exploring everything from brewing techniques to flavour profiles to how the product is served. We launched with our FITCH Still Cold Brew and FITCH Nitro Cold Brew in cans and kegs and are imminently ready to launch 3 sparkling flavour varieties.971fbf1c13dcf08663ed46b76f5ef82a.jpgOverseeing everything from bean-to-can, we use the highest quality single origin coffee which is cold brewed without heat for 20 hours at our UK based brewery. The lengthy cold brewing process creates a sweeter and less acidic taste profile, perfect for that refreshing pick me up.

Like craft beer, Cold Brew presents endless possibilities of what you can now do to coffee. Brew with fruit? Barrel age the beans? Mix in cocoa beans? Or malt? If you can think it, we can do it. 

It’s #timetowakeup

Why we're entering VOOM 2018:

We are right at the beginning of our journey at FITCH, and although we have received some great press there is still a long way for us to go before we are really smashing the UK market (never mind rest of world).

The VOOM platform has the potential to offer us some great exposure and really raise our presence in the UK.  We are also raising money as we are just taking our first steps into both retail and export. To be honest, we just need some cash to help us somehow take on the big boys (wish us luck)!

So if you would like to see less corporate giants and more delicious and epic startups gracing your supermarket shelves then we would love you to pledge, that and you will get some pretty badass rewards.

Welcome to the FITCH journey and thank you for any support you give us.

Emily and Andy.