Give2Hours creates connection through the power of giving. This power increases life longevity and mental and physical wellbeing.

Silver Storic

Silver Storic

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £10,000 target

"2 hours is nothing. Yet 2 hours can really mean everything."

Give2Hours is a global movement of kindness, creating connection through the Power of Giving! Together with your Vote and Support we can make INCREDIBLE things happen around the world…

Using the latest ChatBot technology we inspire people to Give2Hours of their time and skills to a local cause they truly believe in, by making it just a few simple clicks away. Bringing us back into the real world, where there’s real connection, real communities and real giving…

Try out our Super-Cool technology here:

Voom has given us a wonderful opportunity to share the Give2Hours vision with the world and collect Crowdfunding to:

  1. Put our global database for good, into everyone’s pocket!
  2. Launch a Global Give2Hours viral campaign on the 18th of July (Nelson Mandela Day) to inspire giving, collaboration and connection all over the world!

Your kindness has the power to change lives in ways that you can’t yet imagine. Imagine every city, school, University and business in the world running a Give2Hours program. Imagine Give2Hours becoming the global hallmark for giving! Imagine nobody left lonely, isolated or abandoned.

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