This World desperately needs Movement Leaders... ... ... ... ... Create your Movement, Live your Best Life!

Habits & Movements

Habits & Movements

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Raised of £100,000 target

Habits & Movements

The world desperately needs leaders and not just any old leaders... it needs 'Movement Leaders.'

If you want to maximise the remaining days of your life on this planet - do this; kickstart and nurture a movement around your idea, message, product or service. Stop what you're doing, don't mess around with anything else - focus 24/7 on this end-goal.

"History tells us the best way to impact the world is the forming of a Movement."

'Habits and Movements' is all about this very concept. As someone who has been training and coaching leaders for over 30 years, I want to spend my remaining years investing in this new breed of leaders - 'Movement Leaders'. 

'Habits and Movements' is an online community for those wanting to kickstart their Movement and in the process live their 'Best Life'

  1. Coaching – a monthly coaching and tutoring session (including Introductory Coaching Session with Steve)
  2. Learning – weekly lesson (what we call a focus/pathway) on the new Mindset, Skill-set and Tool-set needed for Movement Leadership.
  3. Community (Group Coaching and Closed Mastermind / Facebook Groups for Community Members)
  4. Inspiration – a weekly ‘blast’ communication > Video or Live Webinar (on FB Live, YouTube Live, Instagram or WebinarJam)
  5. Plus – Front Row access to podcasts, discounts off Masterminds & Retreats.
  6. Future - As the Community grows you will get Premium Access to new technologies like a CoachBot, TutorBot, Mobile App and Inspirational Coaches and Networkers.

The business is based on the membership subscription model and will eventually be charging £150/$199 per month for our premiere service - launch phase rate is locked at £99 per month for the duration of membership. 

I've seen businesses, charities and social enterprises (some of them my own) grow but not push on to become movements... I've seen other businesses and ideas become viral and take on the form of a movement - think of #MeToo, Martin Luther-King and Civil Rights, Steve Jobs and Apple products ... Invest in this new business 'Habits & Movements' to maximise the return of your money - the nurturing of a movement of Movement Leaders.