I am she who creates - a better, healthier way to live, work and grow, for the entire family.

April Danann

April Danann

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I Am She Who Creates

I Am She Who Creates by April Danann - my latest book is ready and waiting to be published!

I am a Food Scientist & Naturopathic Nutritionist living in the wilds of West Cork Ireland, homeschooling my children and gently creating wonderful things from nature. In addition, I am currently self-funding my PhD in Naturopathic Medicine.

A few years ago, from my kitchen, I started making my own wild fermented food and other products that I felt could be better with clean untreated water and natural elements.

I started with nothing.

Today, I have a growing little business producing oak barrel aged Apple Cider Vinegars, Herbal Kombucha (my own label Herbucha) herbal teas and some other items, all with all-natural ingredients. I sell at local farmers markets and health food shops, where I get precious feedback from customers and know many of them personally.

I still do all of this from a small holding in West Cork. It is time to expand and grow, just as my eldest is now in college, I too need to take a leap forward into scaling up.

I also love to write, have written other self-published books and keep a regular blog. This is where my new book comes in, I Am She Who Creates. This workbook contains my ideas, my insight, the lessons I have learned so far and guides the user towards starting something from exactly where she is now and following her dreams. It's all about the specific things I have done, learned along the way and continue to do to keep my business growing and thriving - but more importantly, stay healthy and well, while doing all that is required of me.

In I Am She Who Creates, I consciously take a female perspective, as the way a woman navigates her goals, needs and challenges can be quite different to the male experience.

This book could change all women's lives for the better, bringing fulfilment and prosperity. It just needs to get out there.

I Am She Who Creates needs to be professionally edited, organised and published to bring my learning and experience to a wider audience. It would also be perfect as an online course, in a kindle version and even an audiobook.

Your votes and pledges for I Am She Who Creates are appreciated.