The jerk sausage or hotdog

Jonathan bryan

Jonathan bryan

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Raised of £70,000 target

Jerk sausage

I started a Caribbean mobile business about 3 years ago 2 years ago I came up with the idea of the jerk sausage, this is now the UK's only jerk sausage when I first started doing them I was doing lamb beef and chicken working with my customers I altered the recipe over the course of six months and now I do a jerk chicken sausage and a jerk pork sausage for festivals these have gone down a treat for all that have tasted them, I sell both the pork and chicken sausage (Hotdogs)  at festivals and I sell the jerk chicken sausages at Walthamstow market, I think this product could be a big thing it can sell worldwide and it can sell local in supermarkets restaurants and the like it just needs the right backing and no how