Inspiring a love of science and learning in naturally curious children through hands -on interactive experiments in amazing science events

Junior Einsteins  Science Club™ Ltd

Junior Einsteins Science Club™ Ltd

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 What we do and why we love slime so much ! ;

We provide amazing science birthday parties, science Easter , Hallowe'en and Summer science camps, science school shows and after-school science clubs, as well as corporate events and family festivals.

Our mission is to nourish a lifelong love of learning through science in all our children, (Junior Einsteins™) igniting their natural curiosity by providing exciting and engaging STEM experiments, professionally delivered in a structured, safe, supervised, educational and fun environment.

Through our bespoke science-based programmes, develop children’s personal confidence and self-esteem. We promote creative thinking, teamwork, imagination and problem-solving abilities. We teach them “how to think…. rather than, what to think.” We think this best prepares them for the unpredictability of future challenges they will inevitably face in our constantly changing world.

Who are we ?

Our founder

The founder of Junior Einsteins is Tracey-Jane Cassidy. Tracey Jane has an MA in science from Trinity College and an MSc from The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, but mostly she loves slime !


Realising that her three children were not doing enough science in primary school prompted her to start her own business, Junior Einsteins Science Club™ Ltd.  Science is Tracey Jane's passion, and encouraging children to enjoy making a mess and teaching them through this, is hugely rewarding.

The Team:

We have a fantastic team of science instructors who are the heart of Junior Einsteins, bringing a love of science and learning to children through fun hands-on, interactive science. Our wonderful science instructors encourage children's natural curiosity and ignite their enthusium and creativity.




Business through passion:

We are also proud to have achieved the European trademark and are ready to franchise internationally. 


We will establish Junior Einsteins™ as one of the leading STEM solutions service providers, both domestically and Internationally, through a network of professionally-managed, company-owned and franchised locations, providing the children in those countries with unrestricted access to the unique, bespoke methods and experiments we can provide.  We'd like them to experience the significant personal benefits as promoted by the Junior Einsteins Science Club™  programme.  Thank you.