Most entrepreneurs are clueless when setting up a Technology business.We help you; Validate your Idea, Gain Traction, Raise Funds & Grow

Collins Aronu

Collins Aronu

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £5,000 target

Have people become overly dependent on technology?

There are seven billion of us on the planet, and without technology, we will be finding it hard to survive. Technology is what makes us successful as a species. Tools made it possible for us to spread all over the globe, and the better tools we are creating today connect us together all across the globe, making it possible for us to interact and gain knowledge and cooperate so that we can make better decisions faster.

24/7 business operation means your business is open to anyone, anywhere around the world for all 24hrs a day, 12 months a year. Your online presence adds confidence, trust, belief, and hope into your prospective clients. This shows how your business is a step ahead of the others and how your products are easily understood. No business owner should feel it's too late to join the digital revolution. Put simply, there are now solutions designed with them in mind. In today's difficult economic climate, every enterprise, small businesses should have their door open to the Web and Mobile platform.

Like cholesterol, entrepreneurship comes in good and bad varieties. The good kind describes people who start com­panies because they spot great ways to make money. The bad kind describes people who start businesses because they can't find employment elsewhere. Eighty-four percent of the new entrepreneurs were "opportunity" entrepreneurs as opposed to "necessity" entrepreneurs.

The Problem & Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs/Startups 

  • Most entrepreneurs/startups have no clue or know how to set up a business that relies on technology.
  • Most entrepreneurs/startups believe once they develop an app, they will start making money with no knowledge that, for an app to succeed, it requires a solid business model and strategy to penetrate the market and crush the competition.
  • Time management might be the biggest problem faced by entrepreneurs, who wear many (and all) hats. If you only had more time, you could accomplish so much more!
  • Have to use/rely on different partners/suppliers to get the different services required for their app to succeed, such as development, marketing, and management.
  • Most entrepreneurs/startups have little or no capital to kickstart and grow their business and may require third-party resources


Have you done a google search and thought, "I wish I could talk to someone instantaneously to find out more specific information about this topic?".

We are currently using this opportunity to crowdfund. Help us raise sufficient funds to further develop our mobile platform for artificially intelligent digital assistants. The platform is called Sesano. 

Please pledge any amount you can afford in exchange for some rewards such as your own Digital assistant like Amazon Alexa, and Siri and also free unlimited plugin/addon to advance your AI.

What is a Digital Assistant?

A Digital Assistant is a computer program designed to offer domain-specific information/services while imitating human conversational interaction via text or speech.

 Join us as we transform Sesano into the only platform where you can interact with several domain-specific digital assistants simultaneously to conveniently get the information/services you need in less time and hassle-free, from your smartphone.

 The platform will give digital assistants/bots and their developers the ability to leverage the power of the mobile platform to solve a real-world problem. Developers, businesses, and hobbyists can develop and publish their own digital assistant to provide information and services in various sector/industries, such as entertainment, customer service, hospitality, finance and more.

On the platform, there is a personal digital assistant which can only provide personal services to you and can also connect you to several other digital assistants that can provide any information or service you require.



Why Is Sesano Different From The Rest?

Get the information you need in less time and hassle while mobile and on the move.

  • Discoverability: Discover digital assistants/bots that can assist you while on the move, based on your location, activities, and lifestyle.
  • Privacy & Availablity: Digital assistants/bots can run offline on a smartphone without internet access, providing 24 hours availability with limited information. And private data are processed & stored locally on a smartphone and not over the internet/server, providing a better security to your data.
  • Monetisation: Offers well-defined monetization channels that developers or businesses can select to easily start making money from their digital assistant/bot
  • Zero Coding Required: With a simple drag and drop, you can start developing your own digital assistant. No coding is required at all, you just need to be able to create rich conversational interaction.


Cosesano is a startup software development company based in Birmingham, that provides innovative high-end mobile and web application design, development, update and maintenance services to small businesses, individuals or startups who are looking to create an online presence for their business or want to develop a bespoke enterprise application to maximize their business efforts and process.

 At Cosesano, we don’t only want to develop our client’s product, we aim to get it to their target customers and ensure they use it. Since we started trading in June 2017, we have had the pleasure to work with 6+ established businesses and startups.

Before initiating a project, we do an extensive research on your market, customers and competitors to not only validate your idea but to start growing traction and interest in your product/services.

 We will develop interest amongst your prospective customers/clients based on market needs, current and future trends by executing the below activities:

  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Create marketing materials which will include;
    • An animated explainer video to enlighten your customers more about your product/service,
    • Some mockup screens of  your app’s UI/UX, to illustrate to your customers the final look and feel
    • a website/landing page to compile and provide all the information about your product/services and also encouraging visitors to sign up to indicate their interest.
  • We will initiate a marketing campaign which will include the following activities;
    • Social Media Campaign & Press Release: We will promote your product/services on social media platforms and also do a press release with relative news platforms.
    • Leads/Contact List building:  We will build prospective email contacts, of your target customers/clients.
    • Email & Survey Campaign: We will send an email campaign to the compiled prospects. And also a survey questionnaire, to gather information from them, such as; how much they are willing to pay for the product/services, and more.
    • Telemarketing: Make telemarketing calls to potential partners and prospective customers, to introduce the product, establish a relationship and confirm their interest in using the product.
      • Telemarketing report includes the following: Call recording, comments and more.
    • We will also track the performance of the campaign, restrategize if needed and also produce a report for your review.
  • Once we have a clear market intelligence and sufficient feedback from prospective clients, we will then proceed to the further development of your product. Using the information gathered, we will develop an innovative app that is tailored to the direct needs of your customers. The app will have an eye candy look and feel, powered by a sophisticated algorithm and AI, for the best user experience and performance.
  • We won’t just develop and deliver your product to you. We want to see it grow and strive amongst your competitors. With our update and maintenance services, you can keep your product growing by adding updates and new features to engage and attract more prospective customers.


be74590d45260123fbe939e6e0f7ed71.png      Collins Aronu, CEO & Lead Software Engineer

Collins graduated from Aston University with a MSc degree in Software Engineering in 2016. He began programming from a young age and was infatuated with computers whilst living in Nigeria. He moved to the UK for his studies because he saw that the opportunities in software development were greater here in the UK. In the final year of his undergraduate degree (in software engineering), his thesis introduced the notion of Sesano, a conversational artificially intelligent personal assistant. After refining and developing the software, he applied to the BSEEN programme to make his dream of a software development company a reality.


e0b257c370a2aacc4838b549f3cf5643.png       John Cooke, Entrepreneur, coach and mentor

With up to 10 years of experience, John has worked with multiple founders,  forming investor relations, making introductions and partnering with established tech businesses. He specializes in Business & Marketing Strategy, Product Planning, Business Development, Raising Capital, and Investment.


e2d32eb3eca0c33bba71f6a7de981af6.png          Avi Kapoor: Market Intelligence & Research

Avi completed his studies in International Business from AIS St. Helens, Auckland (New Zealand). He has nearly 7 years of enriched expertise in Business Development, Market Intelligence, Business Plan, and  Feasibility Study. He is also currently a Director at Yerite Services.



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