19 April 2018

Thank you for the Votes & Pledges so far

Thank you for your support thus far.

Don't forget to pledge any amount to help us further develop Sesano, in exchange for some amazing rewards. Help us make Sesano more than it currently is.

Why Is Sesano Different From The Rest?

Get the information you need in less time and hassle while mobile and on the move.

Discoverability: Discover digital assistants/bots that can assist you while on the move, based on your location, activities, and lifestyle.

Privacy & Availablity: Digital assistants/bots can run offline on a smartphone without internet access, providing 24 hours availability with limited information. And private data are processed & stored locally on a smartphone and not over the internet/server, providing a better security to your data.

Monetisation: Offers well-defined monetization channels that developers or businesses can select to easily start making money from their digital assistant/bot

Zero Coding Required: With a simple drag and drop, you can start developing your own digital assistant. No coding is required at all, you just need to be able to create rich conversational interaction.