Back saving gardening gadget that makes manual digging easy, simply attaches to all garden forks and spades adding a pivoted footplate.

Nick Skaliotis

Nick Skaliotis

How did I come up with the idea for this product?

Whilst digging in the garden using a normal garden fork, I felt the task was laborious and back straining, after trying different methods and even a rotovator tiller, none served their purpose as well as they should have. I simply applied Archimedes law of levers to the garden fork and spade design, which hasn't changed since time itself, I took my idea to a local blacksmith who was just as crazy as myself, fabricated the design. After much initial research and development by me, the result was Kikka Digga.

What makes my product special?

The name Kikka Digga came about when I used to ride scooters, I'm talking the old fashioned kick-start version, hence the name. I have dedicated and sacrificed a great deal to get Kikka Digga to where it is, much testing has been done, many hours in differing terrains with differing folk, Kikka Digga is unlike anything in the gardening and DIY/construction world and is a game changer, no tools or specialist knowledge is required to use. Not only is Kikka Digga a cure for back strain but it's a prevention, RSI (repetitive strain injury) is not a risk but a result of manual digging over time, chiropractor fees, time off work and far worse are all consequences. UK made ensures high quality, RoHs compliant and no corners cut in the manufacturing process, Kikka Digga supports UK jobs and the local economy in these challenging times. 

What has been the best part of my experience?

I never intended to be an inventor or entrepreneur but if you don't take the risk you lose the chance, I took a risk and found that Kikka Digga has been well received, I initially sold samples of Kikka Digga through online platforms myself, I have learned much and have met many interesting people on my journey. In a short time, I've become well versed in tooling design, gardening processes, ergonomics, business concepts, material and structural engineering, manufacturing limitations, logistics, intellectual property, essentially a jack of all trades. I'm aiming to scale-up and expand Kikka Digga globally now as my IP is global, I look forward to what challenges and developments await.

Why should I buy/invest in Kikka Digga?

Back pain is the most common injury for gardeners, digging is one of the biggest strains you can put on your back. With the Kikka Digga, I have developed a simple new way of making digging easy, reducing the possibility of back injuries for gardeners, construction workers and any other professionals who have to dig. The garden fork and spade design hasn't changed much since its invention, Kikka Digga isn't trying to reinvent them either. Kikka Digga very simply improves on the garden spade/fork function thus making them more ergonomically friendly to you, the end user, it's ideal for all; maybe you have dexterity issues or to simply want to get the job done in a quicker and safer manner. I have worked with the charity Arthritis Research UK and would be willing to donate a percentage of funds/profit to the charity as they have shown belief in my product and are a great cause, gardening is great for the mind and the soul, Kikka Digga will let some people get 'back' into gardening, but let's not forget - Kikka Digga is a prevention as well as a cure for those burly builders/construction workers who dig eveyday.

What else are you planning?

I plan to further work with Arthritis Research UK, UNICEF, the UN plus any international charities to help provide farmers in developing countries who cannot afford a plough or require help with construction. I'm no philanthropist but would appreciate the help if I was in need, call it 'passing it on'.

Kikka Digga is an affordable solution for growers in these countries in need. Me, sure I also need to live, I would be looking to get Kikka Digga globally received. I have funded this invention myself and have worked 3 or 4 jobs a day to get this venture where it is.

Thanks for looking folks.