KOTANICAL aims to establish Ireland as a transparent essential oil hub where botanicals meet innovation, one seed at a time.

Karl Murray

Karl Murray

KOTANICAL is the first and only distiller of essential oils in Ireland. KOTANICAL’s premium essential oils are used by individuals and professionals daily for aromatherapy, wellbeing, cooking, sport performance, yoga, skin care and massage. By stocking some of Ireland’s most trusted organic boutiques and establishing strong collaborations in the sector, KOTANICAL is fast becoming the most requested essential oil in Ireland.

KOTANICAL’s sales have grown steadily since launching in June 2017 and the brand and founder Karl Murray have gained a strong online following due to the genuine passion and advice given to customers on social media, though workshops and our innovative approach to issues concerning minimum waste, Ireland's bee population and organic growing.  

Wellbeing and natural organic alternatives have been gaining traction in 2016/2017 and as we start 2018, minimum waste, mental health and corporate wellness are the serious issues that are impacting everyday lives. With 20,000 research articles and 6,000 years of use, essential oils have proven aromatherapy benefits on the above issues and many more. Essential oils are being used in products every day that you may not even realise - fragrances, food flavorings and cleaning products.  

KOTANICAL focuses on the stimulation of inhaling essential oils and when they are being diffused.

  • When coffee is not cutting it, take deep breaths of KOTANICAL’s peppermint essential oils. Studies show that peppermint can be used as a natural nootropics which means it helps increase memory and awareness.
  • Feeling stressed? Inhale bergamot essential oil. Bergamot essential oil has a fresh, citrusy scent. It is uplifting, mood boosting, and stress-reducing. It has even been used to help reduce anxiety during radiation treatments.
  • KOTANICAL have curated a range of roll-on blends for the oil enthusiast on the go. Working professionals in busy offices use the oil on their pulse points when in need of a boost.
  • We have also developed a roll on blend for the gym goers which is a natural alternative for ‘Deep Heat’ for sore muscles.
  • Lack of sleep is a concern for many of our customers and we believe this will be the next big trend in wellness. Essential oils for sleep are a highly regarded sleeplessness remedy and we have sourced high alpine Lavender but our ultimate goal is to establish a lavender farm in Ireland which we are currently working on.
  • KOTANICAL’s Frankincense Oil is used in skincare routines and is our bestseller. The highest quality resin is sourced from Oman and distilled here in Dublin.  

KOTANICAL’s identity and online presence promotes the brand as ‘Made in Ireland’ & ‘Support Local’ which customers gravitate towards and value. KOTANICAL has an organic chemist based in Dublin that tests the oils, and are the only company in Ireland that distils from plants grown in Ireland, thus supporting local growers.

KOTANICAL has growing projects in Malahide to establish their own crops and their team of growers are all women based in Cork.    KOTANICAL also recognises the value of bringing our customers along the journey of making essential oils and so we began Live Streaming distillations and experiments. 

KOTANICAL aims to to put Ireland on the map for a range of essential oils made from native Irish plants. Ireland has a reputation for producing high quality craftsmanship and KOTANICAL will continue to promote 'Made in Ireland' and 'Support Local'.

While KOTANICAL promotes our own range, we also spread the word about local Irish businesses and those who we collaborate with to expand our Irish offering.

Brexit is actually on the minds many of our growers at the moment who are losing contracts from major supermarkets over a matter of cents per kg of produce. As Kotanical grows, we are reaching out to growers across the country to present them with an alternative market for their produce. Growers will be helping KOTANICAL with our challenge of procurement and KOTANICAL will ensure they are being paid decently.  

KOTANICAL's current project is the establishment of our own crops on a farm in Malahide. Over 1000 peppermint pots were planted with seedlings and they are currently sprouting. We aim to harvest them mid summer for distillation.

We are also passionate about minimal waste. We have started accepting used essential oil bottles and we will refill the bottles at a discount, even competitors bottles.

Our Irish bee community is also depleting and we have teamed up with 'Sow Enchanted' to include Irish wild flower seed paper in each delivery for our customer to plant and help our little pollinators along when they flower.  

If you would like some more information on KOTANICAL and myself, Karl Murray, I have included the below links.

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