The world doesn’t need another beer but this was the beer we wanted to drink that no one brewed, so we left our jobs to brew it ourselves

Jubel Beer

Jubel Beer

Our Story

We stumbled upon a local beer tradition at a ski bar in the Alps but couldn't find anything like it back home. We used the rest of our student loans to brew 5,000 bottles and said if we sold them at Glastonbury we'd quit our jobs to do it full-time, and we did.

Our Beer

Jubel is one of those quirks that works. A naturally essenced peach or elderflower lager. If adding a slice of lime is the most adventurous you’ve been with a beer, Jubel might be too out there for you. Some say unusual but we like to think original.

As well as being "the drink of the summer" (thanks Kayleigh from Cornwall), Jubel is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan friendly
  • No artificial flavours
  • 63% less sugar than the leading flavoured ciders
  • Only 125 calories per bottle

We have two beers; Alpine and Urban.


Alpine is our original brew. It was at a bar in the Alps where we discovered the delicious tradition of demi-pêche, which inspired this peach of a beer.



Urban was a milestone for us. It marked our move to the city so we went to town on a fresh brew, which inspired this pick of the bunch.


Our First Year

We launched in May 2017 and slept on airbeds in our warehouse all summer to save the business money, but managed to get Jubel into 300+ pubs within our first 3 months.

We came up a little short in the Santander Entrepreneurship Awards' People's Choice and Cornwall's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award with a couple of silver medals. Hopefully this will be third time lucky.

VOOM 2018

You've got a lot of pitches to choose from. Hopefully you've seen something here that you think is worth a vote. We want to bring out cans, go on draught, and have some big marketing ideas we need some budget for. Please vote for us so next time we do a brand video we can afford to hire some proper actors.