Contemporary British chocolate with a purpose

James Cadbury

James Cadbury

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Love Cocoa | Chocolate with a purpose


Inspired by my great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, Love Cocoa aim to make British chocolate great again, reinventing chocolate classics with a contemporary touch being all natural and free-from: gluten, palm oil and other nasties.


We want to make eating chocolate a positive thing which is why we’ve partnered with charity the Rainforest Foundation, to do our bit to combat problems of deforestation, cocoa farmer poverty and human rights abuses, rife within the cocoa industry by donating 10% of profits to them.


It all started with our chocolate bars being available through the letterbox direct-to-onsumers as a gift. We are now stocked in some amazing stores.


We have just launched a new collection of chocolate truffle tubes (available exclusively at Selfridges and also via Crowdfunder after the competition ends).


 We also sell Vegan Avocado Dark Chocolate bars which have lots of 5* reviews online.



We are now entering Voom to help get our brand in front of more people and inform them about the damage which is being done to our Rainforest. We are a small business but aim to challenge the big boys through innovation and quality of the product. We would love to pitch to Richard Branson who is a great British business role model.

Equally the Crowdfunding competition is really important to use. We raised money last year via crowdfunding which allowed us to develop chocolate truffles. We want to increase the range further and this money raised would be used to launch new products which are costly to set up with a lot of packaging startup costs.

We would love if you could vote for us as well as purchase some of our products at an amazing never to be replicate discount. Don't leave it until its too late, act now :)

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