Kickabout is a social platform providing footballers the ability to find players when their team is short and players to join games.

Kickabout Team

Kickabout Team

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £125,000 target

Kickabout was born out of the frustration of the founding teams inability to find enough players to play our weekly 5-a-side. There was no lack of footballers out there, but there was an inability to find them on short notice. 

We provide a solution to players by connecting them through our social platform (mobile app). Teams are able to post when they are short and players can then join their games. Players looking for a game get notified when teams need numbers. Everyone wins, teams get their players and players get to play more games.  

Players can book directly through the app meaning football pitches have access to a simple and easy to use booking system which allows them to advertise availability, reduce admin and labour costs and increase its transparency with its customers. 

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings as a university project. We have customers all over Ireland, a large userbase of players and have received investment from Enterprise Ireland. 

We hope Voom can help us get to the next step in kicking the hassle out of 5-a-side.