It started with an itch, we never thought it would come to this… From 3 brother's and a £750 investment to 300,000 customers globally..

Kunal Dattani

Kunal Dattani

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It started with an itch, we never thought it would come to this…

For some brothers, sibling rivalry ends in childhood, when there’s no longer a need to see who can climb a tree fastest or fight over who gets the front seat of the car. For Keval, Kunal and Savan Dattani, competition continued well into adulthood, with the manliest of manly challenges: who can grow the best Movember facial hair.

And true to form, there were tears.

Keval’s beard grew wild and unruly, Kunal’s beard became uncomfortably itchy and Savan’s beard was thin and patchy.

By the middle of that fateful Movember, things were at crisis point. Witnesses say there was talks of “razors” and “clean shaven”. The brothers needed help, and fast. So they turned to... 

Well, they turned to no one. Because there was no one to help.

Unruly, Itchy and Patchy, as they were now known, had to go this one alone.

Luckily, the brothers were all successful entrepreneurs with years of experience and sizeable capital to invest.

Nah, just playing. They had £750 between them and no management experience to speak of.

But it was either stick together and use what they had to source the ingredients needed to cure their problems or give up on the beard idea for good. So, in 2014, the brothers set out to create remedies to tame, soothe and help grow their beards and the beards of others in the same position. The £750 was invested in ingredients, tins, accessories and…

Mo Bro’s was born.


The birth of Mo Bro’s meant it was no longer about three brothers competing over the most impressive beard, but how we could provide the best products for bearded gents everywhere.

Because if anyone knew the struggle of pulling off a presentable man mane, it was ol’ Itchy, Patchy and Unruly.  

And four years after selling our first batch of moustache wax on eBay, we continue to make our products by hand, using ingredients that are natural, ethical and sustainable, and sourced from Great Britain.

Of course, no beard grooming brand worth its twizzled mo can answer a cry for help with wax alone.

So we’ve worked to turn Mo Bro’s into a one-stop shop for all-things beard. We still offer more wax than you’d find at a candle convention but it’s part of a wider product range that includes oils, butters, balms, soaps, conditioners, combs and brushes, scissors and, yes, razors (although we don’t condone fully shaving). 

We’ve also tried to make it as easy as possible for more beard buffs and moustache mavens to get their hands on what we’re selling. As well as offering our products on the Mo Bro’s website, Amazon, eBay and, you’ll find them at all of these retailers:7367eb12e8ef61f731c9ee4da2d5e426.jpg

This has meant we’ve been able to reach over 300,000 bearded brothers in all of these countries:


We’re also in talks with Debenhams, ASOS and Ocado, so if you shop at any of those you’re in for a treat.

Hey, while we’re dropping names on you, take a look at this photo:03bff8645dec9ccdc10e103a299dd835.jpgThat’s us securing the largest offer of investment since 2015 on Dragon’s Den from Multi-millionaires Peter Jones and Tej Lalvani.

Since 2014, Mo Bro’s little Leicester-based business has grown to become an 11-strong company with a manufacturing centre in Yorkshire, global sales and a turnover of over seven figures. But, with backing from your VOOM votes, we’re gearing up to become a truly international brand.


Mo Bro’s is more than just a beard grooming brand. We’re a community — a brotherhood of like-minded beardsmen if you will.

We don’t just sell products, we provide beard grooming tips and tutorials, and use the power of beards for good.

Mo Bro’s was the first company in the world to employ men for stress therapy by creating pop-up beard-stroking stations in retail centres. Our Behind the Beard Project works closely with Leicester-based employers and YMCA Leicester to help homeless people back into employment and, staying true to our roots, we continue to support the Shelter Charity.

In 2018, we’ll support even more charities in line with UN’s Global Goal Number 1 to reducing poverty

Building the Mo Bro’s family has seen us go viral with an outreach of over 100 million views and media coverage from around the world including BBC, UNILAD, Telegraph, Independent, Metro and Daily Mail.


We even had a cameo in Paddington 2! Paddington Bear is a Mo Bro!


We’re here because with great beards comes great responsibility. We want to reach more people with more of our products. We’ve done well so far, but there are Itchys, Patchys and Unrulys all over the world that don’t even know we exist.

There are brothers out there dealing with weird beard problems on their own. They’re close to throwing in the towel and going for the clean shave. How will we sleep at night if we let that happen?

We need a platform like VOOM to help us spread the Mo Bro’s message so that every moustache and goatee, every set of mutton chops and Gandalf mane out there can be worn with confidence.

Please, if you sport facial hair or are thinking about growing some, if you know the struggle or sympathise with the struggle, Hit the big red vote button up top to support our cause.

Sing it with us…