We nurture body confidence and mindful eating in a weekly group, and online, as a not-for-profit.

Helen James

Helen James

Weight stigma and eating disorders cost the UK economy £15bn+ each year whilst we spend around £500m to stand on scales at diet clubs. **update - 

Maybe you feel dietland doesn’t need changing... we believe that it drives most of the £15bn U.K. economic impact of eating disorders.  Or to put it another way 91% of our youngsters (girls mainly but also boys) dislike their own bodies enough to adopt life threatening eating patterns - anorexia has the highest mortality rate of mental health illnesses.  It’s time to stop seeing these issues as separate or inevitable.  Please support the mission to change dietland as a not-for-profit.


We are sharing the studies that show slimming clubs increase weight stigma > increase stress > increase cortisol > increase appetite > have short term efficacy > leading to weight cycling or yo-yo-ing!

***** Yo-Yo Dieting Damages Heart Health *****

We are pioneering the inclusive approach > working with all weights together > reducing weight stigma > reducing judgement > reducing stress > enabling food and body ease > long term.

We meet every member - where they are - empowering them to find their own theory of change; for some that's...

  • increasing or decreasing activity levels
  • gentle weight change or not
  • nutrition focus or not

We don't judge - we...

  • fascilitate nurturing peer support
  • teach mindful eating
  • hold group and individual coaching sessions
  • finish with a mindfulness practice

We're ready to replicate and build our network UK wide.  We have a volunteer pool of 40, and rising, that wish to train or be trained to open these first pilot groups.


After voting, please share what we are doing at Nutriri* - help us become the compassionate alternative to body shaming slimming only clubs.

As a thank you, please feel free to try our Mindful Eating course here.

WINNING #VOOM will enable nutriri.org to establish it's infrastructure; it's personal development academy.  We are bringing together those who want to see change; swapping skills and sharing knowledge.

  • Qualified Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Dieticians / Nutritionists

Recognising that 'lived experience' is equally as valuable, we also champion the 'lay person' (Nutriri* founder Helen includes herself right here)

WINNING #VOOM and the Virgin Unite IMPACT AWARD will also enable us to develop work skills training packages to provide a 'route to business from benefits'... not too long ago Helen was signed off 'long term sick' and claiming ESA (employment support allowance) for a chronic and life long medical condition.

We want to enable people, possibly with very low self-esteem who think they have no experience or skills, and empower them to run a fulfilling business; a social franchise making real change.

Thank you for checking out our pitch.