06 April 2018

Thank you for believing in us...

Winning Voom2018 will enable us to build our social enterprise structure and create our weekly group leader development academy.


Our volunteers are all over the UK (with one or two even overseas) so to have a solid online training resource will be the making of us.


If we were also to win Voom2018 Virgin Unite's Impact Award (£20,000) we could steam ahead with our development of a work skills training programme.  This is dear to Nutriri* founder Helen's heart... having herself been long term sick/unemployed and claiming ESA - she wants to use this experience to empower others to help themselves off of benefits and realise that they can run a thriving and rewarding social enterprise/franchise whilst making real change with others.


Please pass on our voting link (with a few words of why you're doing so if you can) https://voom.virginmediabusiness.co.uk/pitches/nutriri-is-changing-dietland