One app that gives you easy control to all your subscription spendings, it detects wasting money and identifies saving opportunities.

Seweryn Bidolach

Seweryn Bidolach

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £25,000 target

Payment app to manage all your subscriptions

The convenience that comes

Have you ever used Netflix, Amazon Prime or ever paid for water via direct debit? You are not alone. An estimated 58 million people in Britain use subscription like services where their money disappear magically overnight, every month.


Our likeness for spend shows unquenchable thirsts for more. Research made by Zuora and YouGov shows that last year average spends by subscriber more than tripled. Services and beauty boxes. We are all up for this.

Waste of money that hurts

Sky research has found that over our lifetime we will be stunning 30 000 GBP worse off due to unneeded subscriptions. What can you get for this amount? A new car from 2017! It’s a worthy pile of cash.


The subscription market value on the rise

Over 25 percent of UK adults said that they will be subscribing to more services than they did in last five years. Consumer and business environment is going through long not seen landscape change. Welcome subscription economy.


Feebuster that helps you get back in driver’s seat

We went out to talk to people and ask them about their subscription experience. Almost 60 percent of people told us that they paid for online service that didn’t use and over 70 percent would like to have an account to control this spending.


Feebuster is a payment application that in a secure manner will give you easy control to all your subscription and show how much do you spend on recurring services and let turn it off with one click.




Seweryn Bidolach, CEO & Founder

I was trying to cancel one of the subscriptions that we got with my wife a few months ago. We both realized that we paid over 70 GBP for something that we didn’t use. Since I am into mobile apps I started creating something that will help us manage our money. Quite quickly it became my main project. I am helping people get their finances under control. We have more than enough to spend on already.

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