Gas and Electricity Supplier; created by the public, for the public. Profits returned to Customers - Transparent - Green Electricity

David Pike

David Pike

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £15,000 target




75% of the profits will be returned to customers in an annual rebate

You won't hear the big six  giving the profits away, we will!

Customers can vote and shape the direction of the company

When major decisions need to be made, customers will have a vote on the direction of the business.

We are fully committed to making energy green and fully sustainable

100% of our electricity is from renewable sources.  We will offer a simple green tariff that offers fully renewable electricity. 

We are fully transparent and open

We will be the first fully transparent and open energy company in the UK! We share decisions, accounts, our salaries, wholesale energy costs openl


People’s Energy is the first and only crowdfunded energy supplier in Britain, 2200 people created the company!

We are led by two ordinary customers who were fed up that their energy bills funded corporate shareholders with poor customer services and that there was nothing they could do about it. Our Founders, Karin and David, thought, "What would it be like if things were the other way around for energy suppliers and their customers?". 

So, what happens when you flip the traditional approach of the Big 6 energy suppliers on its head? You get a company that shares its profits with customers and gives them control of the business. 

We put this radical idea on Crowdfunder and what happened next was truly amazing: Thousands of people loved this idea and pledged £500,000 to create The People’s Energy Company. We have a goal: One million energy customers in control of their own energy company. Ambitious? Yes, but why not? 

No more shelling out to corporate shareholders. No more treating customers like cattle.  


Just an affordable, ethical, renewable, and trustworthy energy supplier that shares its earnings with customers and invites customer representatives onto the Board of Directors. (Yes, really.) 

We started trading in August 2017, with no advertising budget, and have relied on our customers spreading the word in order to grow.  We have such passionate customers that truly believe in what we're doing because, for once, they feel they are being taken seriously and treated fairly.  


Our customers are creating a movement, allowing us to grow to almost 7,000 within 9 months with an acquisition cost of less than £3 per customer: An astonishing statistic and something completely unheard of in the energy industry.  

But it's not enough. 

Millions of people across the UK could benefit from switching to us (at least everyone who is with the Big Six!) and we need to get the message out there. We need to punch HARD and offer a real alternative to the shareholder driven approach people are stuck with currently. 

Sadly, when people think of gas and electricity, they think of the Big Six who have monopolised the market for years.  


We need to show people that there is a fair and green alternative. To do so, we need a marketing blitz to raise our brand awareness and scale the business.  

We want to spread the word throughout the UK, using adverts on TV and radio, social media and in Google searches, and other places. We also want to engage with people to create a community of 'Brand ambassadors'. 

This has previously been outside of our limited budget but, with your help, we can spread the word and reach that milestone of helping 1 million customers cut down their energy bills with affordable and ethical energy. You can help by upvoting us, telling others about People's Energy so we can grow customer numbers that way, or by donating a small sum to help build this movement.

Let's put the People and our Planet before Profits!