We save fruit/veg surplus that is too big/small, loose, wonky or just plain ugly from going to waste by turning it into beautiful juice!

Thomas Fletcher

Thomas Fletcher

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Raised of £5,000 target

                                                   One 3rd of all food produced goes to waste.

                                                     In the UK that equates to 7 million tonnes. 

                                                           1.3 billion tonnes, worldwide is lost.

                                                Causing 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide

Since an early age, I was aware of edible food going to waste and became interested in studying the very real hidden environmental damages resulting. This shaped who am I and what I do today.  A passion became a hobby, a hobby a job, a job became research & now hopefully a practical solution: Drink it!


My grandma had a farm and my first job was working in my mom's hotel kitchen in windy Blackpool. I became a chef working part-time to support my studies, saving food by creating specials menus, teaching other chefs, disadvantaged children and adults to cook, making huge amounts of soup in the winter for the homeless, decadent weddings in the summer, banquets and creating meals for up to 5000 people with the help of other individuals and organizations that shared my passion for this cause: The people's kitchen, FareShare, FoodCycle, and Tom Hunt, to name a few...


[Top right - working at Made in Hackney charity. Top left - soup for the homeless in the winter]. [Bottom left - banquets made from surplus. Bottom right - handing out soup in winter]


After my MSc in environmental politics & globalization specializing in  edible food waste, I chose to create an alternative product that would change peoples' perception of this issue, through tasty convenient consumption. Rejuce was born! 

Our mission was simple: save as much edible food surpluses (too, big/small, wrong colour, loose from the bunch or just plain ugly/wonky) from going to waste and reinvest in scaling our operations sustainably to save even more. 

Rejuce is 100% cold pressed, made with organic ingredients, NO nasties, nothing added or taken away, just pure healthy fruit and veg in a recyclable glass bottle! It's vegan, kosher and gluten-free too!

We self-funded for years using our passion and hard work to build bike trailers made from old shopping trolleys and borrowed an electric milk float "Elinor".


[Right - homemade transport bike trailers. Middle - borrowed electric milk float. Left - friend's pick up]

Since 2012 we have saved over 250 tonnes of food surpluses making amazing health juices, smoothies and soups. People want to make a difference when it comes to food waste, but sometimes it’s hard to change daily habits.

We make it convenient for people to choose the ethical alternative, and in doing so they are helping with the food waste crisis.

In the beginning, it was hard but we chose our audiences at small festivals and markets and managed, slowly, to get into the bigger mainstream events. Now we are happy to say we have been at them all from LEEfest to Glastonbury.


Our NEW 5 star kitchen is based in a warehouse unit in Hackney Wick, East London. In these humble dwellings, we experiment with food surplus to create tasty solutions to combat the global food waste travesty. 


Our NEW state of the art mobile kitchen and luxurious modern van "Audrey", for which we crowdfunded 2 years ago are now in operation roaming the countryside, relieving farmers and providing a much more ethical disposal method than landfill.


Sorry in advance! This next picture is not nice to look at but it really is the reality of what's happening on a large scale every day in wealthy countries around the world. Once I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about it, I had to act.

It's me climbing a mountain of food at 6am in the winter of 2010. Unfortunately, it had all gone to waste and that was the reason it had been moved outside. Today in 2018 this mountain is a molehill thanks to our efforts. With your help, we can grow and this doesn't have to happen anymore.


We are not a marketing company jumping on the back of a trend, although we are glad, for the sake of saving good food, that it's now 'cool'. We were doing this before it was sexy but we like to think we made it that way. When most people thought it was disgusting or illegal, we just carried on. Unlike some other companies, we do actually make the juice ourselves and love doing it.

We really do need the help to grow and NOW is the time to get into mass-market retail because people have developed a consciousness about this issue. We have a great track record of achievements, awards & press stretching back to almost 10 years of hard work for the right reasons.

We pride ourselves on being a social enterprise: all our profits are put straight back into the business in order to increase national and international awareness of our product and its mission. Please help us get this support and save more fruit and veg from going to waste!

If we won this money we would buy a destoning machine so we can then save stone fruits and expand into smoothies as well as juice infused waters. Our dream is to expand into Europe with a full range of products that Rejuce imperfect produce from going to waste!


                                                                Thank you for reading!

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