Healthcare is an overflowing bucket of water; most medical interventions have been busy mopping up the water - we're turning the tap off.

Gavin Routledge

Gavin Routledge

The NHS turns 70 on 5th July 2018.  We aim to ensure it sees its 80th birthday. The principle of free healthcare is worth voting for.

The greatest wealth is health.  We can't afford not to do this.  Whether you're fed up of your increasing waist-line or your decreasing memory, your rattling pill-box or your appalling fitness, your growing moobs or your reducing mobility, your rising blood pressure or your lowering libido, there is an answer, and it's in our app.  If you think of healthcare as an overflowing bucket of water, traditional medical interventions have been busy mopping up the water - our focus is on turning off the tap.

You've watched the video, so here's the ambitious (but not flakey) plan in detail:

  1. Launch a song (anthem) in 2018 to rally the UK population behind this movement. 
  2. The call to action at the end of the song (delivered by a much-loved celebrity) will be to download our free app. 
  3. The app coaches you daily via your smartphone (38.5million adults use them many times a day in the UK). 
  4. Other initiatives will folllow...

We already have content and in-app activities for lower back pain, diabetes, weight, heart disease, mental health and general wellbeing, and we will continue to add more. The app is built on the three pillars of successful health behaviour change - information, motivation and strategy.  It's been nearly 3 years in Research and Develoment, including with Glasgow School of Art Design Innovation Team, The School of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, with content being provided by members of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM).

As a Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company) SOSNHS profits will support the BSLM in continuing to educate doctors and other healthcare professionals in Lifestyle Medicine, creating a virtuous cycle.  As we generate more profit this will be used to support other health-promoting activities in the UK. 

We have all been touched by the NHS, and it's struggling - big time. Viewed as a supply and demand issue, supply is not increasing but demand is.  You can do something to help. 

Lifestyle contributes to 70% of illness (and deaths) in the UK and has £12Bn of direct annual NHS costs.  By supporting one another we can reduce demands on the NHS - and feel a hell of a lot better in ourselves.

How is this business sustainable?  We have indications of interest from large employers who wish to license the app, promote it to their own employees, and reap the benefits of a healthier more engaged workforce.  The app can also be customised so that clinicians can coach their patients virtually via the app, meaning this is "software as a service", creating another revenue stream.

Let's build a movement of people together and support one another in becoming healthier, AND Save our Special NHS for when it's really needed.  Come on, let's do this - #onestepatatime !!!