We live in a fast paced world where people want everything on the move. Imagine a device that enables you to Diffuse "your mood" to go!

Lisa Flanagan

Lisa Flanagan

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My name is Lisa Flanagan. I am a busy entrepreneurial mum of one with a love of branding, product design and development. I am Graphic Designer by trade with over 15 years in the Industry designing for multiple brands nationwide including Jameson, Bewleys, Unilever and Coca Cola. 

MyMood ™ is my third product to launch, my previous products included Buggabandz which was a global success and selling on many airlines as well as through Europe and a baby product called Bathebuddie!  I’m a firm believer of getting an idea from your brain and onto a shelf rather than keep it stored and having regrets. Besides if you don't somebody else will!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to use Natural products when possible, I have always been interested in Essential Oils and after doing a course in Aromatherapy, I was hooked. I learned about different Essential Oils and how through blends they could benefit your health naturally and alter "Your Mood". Ancient cultures respected nature’s capability to improve health and mood, and did not hesitate to use herbal remedies to heal sicknesses from headaches to heartache and this to me is so interesting. I teamed up with an Essential Oil Company to develop my blends which are all blended in Ireland. I have launched with 3 Moods. Everyone wants to feel Calm, Uplifted and Focussed right?

So to diffuse my essential oils at home I use a large diffuser which works great but its big and bulky and has to stay in the same place so after a few months of researching I came across a very nifty pocket size USB Diffuser which was compact, silent and portable. As a result the brand MyMood™ was born. Now you can take your Mood to go. How cool is that.

Diffuse "Calm" in your Car at rush hour, no more stressfull journeys at to or from work. Diffuse "Focus" from your laptop in the office or at home to help you relieve brain fog and help you concentrate or you may need a little pick me up, no more Monday Morning blues or that dreaded 3pm slump at work, a blast of cirtus essential oils will "Uplift" any mood!

Each Mood comes with a Free 5ml Essential oil Blend ready to use, all packaged in a beautiful gift box (designed by me). As I have the skills for branding and packaging, I was able to designe everything myself. I have ideas for more moods, I am launching Blossom in June, a fantastic beach blend and I am launching a limited edition pack in July. 

I launched in January and Wholefoods Ireland are listing Mymoods who are currently selling to Pharmacies and Healthstores throughout Ireland.

I am launching to Travel Retail in the summer with 2 exclusive blends suitable for travel, there are so many ideas and so little time, please follow me and my MyMood Journey and please VOTE for me at Voom 2018. Thanks for all your Support