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Tanya Anderson

Tanya Anderson

The Badass Network

Everything starts with a story.

Having experienced one of the darkest moments of my life just 3 1/2 years ago, I was entertaining thoughts that my baby and toddler would be better off without me. Today and every day I am grateful beyond words to enjoy every moment of every day I am gifted.There are a number of things I have done over the last few years to be here today, the happiest, healthiest and most positive I have ever been and with a future ahead of me I wouldn't have even dared to dream possible. Importantly though I need to impress upon you that none of it was rocket science nor did it cost me thousands in therapy.

Core Human Needs

What I did (even though I didn't know it at the time) was worked on satisfying my core human needs and it all started when I joined a network marketing company. With immediate effect one of the most vital of needs that I had been missing for well over 20 years was met. Connection. I was swept up into the most beautiful culture of caring, loving, supportive individuals from all around the globe who gave me their time and knowledge and much more. Finally, I was a part of something, a family, a community. I felt connected.

Inspire, Motivate, Learn, Grow

This had a positive effect on my wellbeing, it gave me hope, it inspired me and motivated me to be more. To learn and grow and show the world what I really had to offer. I continued, reading, learning, working on my physical and emotional wellbeing. In a relatively short space of time, I had ditched the medication, therapy and medicinal alcohol and started living my life and not only that I was inspiring others around me to take action and effect positive change in their lives too.

Now I find myself with a burning passion and desire to share this life-changing way of living and working with others on a bigger scale. 

Where we are today

The Badass Network is the worlds first networking community that supports business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe to realise their full potential by looking inside. We create safe, open spaces for those in business to bring their whole self, especially on a bad day and to connect. To come face to face and be real and authentic. Through our events and our online community, we invite our members to come on a journey of education and understanding and we continue to support them to make positive changes every step of the way.

Our events regularly sell out, the feedback and testimonies confirm we're providing something both unique and in high demand and we now know that way more people than we ever first imagined resonate with this way of networking and connecting.

The proof

Seeing our members using each others services, collaborating on projects and growing their customer base and income is a testimony to us that when able to relax and be our authentic self, genuine and purposeful relationships are made that provide the strong foundation needed to grow your business.

We are now receiving regular requests from people around the globe asking us if they can come and speak at our events or collaborate with us.


We are about to start sharing The Badass Network love in other towns and cities in the UK and internationally and we need to put an infrastructure in place that will be able to handle the rocket ship that is about to take off!