Ufurria - faux fur accessories putting the fun into fashion. Made in Britain and helping to transform lives.

Carol Hanson

Carol Hanson

How It All Began

Ufurria is my brand of of luxury faux fur fashion accessories inspired by my late grandmother.

My late grandmother was an avid bargain hunter, who gave me a furry jacket she’d bought for 50p in a charitysale.

I turned the jacket into a gilet, but what to do about the sleeves?

One day I pulled them on over my jeans and created my first pair of furry leggings….


For years I wore those leggings every winter and received lots of comments.    My husband even joked that I should bring them to market. 

To cut a very long story short it took me 30+ years from trainee accoutant to management within the video games industry, running an online boutique and my own personal styling business before my husband's joke became a reality! 

It Got Real

I was introduced to Taslima in December 2015. 

Taslima is a very talented fashion designer on a mission to train and mentor people who share her passion for textiles. 

Taslima helped me to take the basic handmade furry leggings and develop into a range of high quality faux fur accessories.  

As well as designing for her own label, Taslima and her team run a social enterprise.  Providing opportunities to disadvantaged women in the UK.


So not only does this give me the chance to develop the brand, but to manufacture within the UK via this amazing social enterprise.   

We Launched! 

In September 2017 we launched and were immediately recognised by the BTAA (British Travel Accessories Association) in their annual awards. 


So What's Next?

In 2018 we're launching the second collection and are making a stunning entrance into the bridal market with our winter wedding range. 


What's Important To Me

My big why (and it is big) is to leave my mark on the British Fashion Industry.  I don't want to just create a few lovely accessories but I want to build a brand.  

 A brand that is recognised for its innovative design, its attention to detail, high quality manufacture and its longevity.  

I love to select my clothes from a small wardrobe of much loved quality items.  My passion is to transform outfits with fabulous fun accessories.  

I want Ufurria to have the same ethos. I want to create items that will be treasured for years to come and coveted as much as my original furry leggings.    

To maintain that exclusivity and limited edition feel we're only manufacturing in one fabric per season.  

Over time we want the Ufurria products to be coveted as collectors items.  We want the collection to stand out and be recognised by the fabric release date. 

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read, Watch and Listen!