14 May 2018

You are Amazing !

I am chuffed to bits by your response! This means a lot, thank you !

I sure,  one day in not too distant future, we all  look back and proudly say- Yes, I did vote for this idea!

Best regards





13 May 2018

Calling all visionaries out there !

I am humbled and very gratefull to all and everyone of you for your vote of support and sharing our vission...

We are getting a great number of support votes, but we are still few short to make it to the top 80 as a  voting closes in a few days time at midnight of 15th of May.

Do we trully believe the project deserves a fighting chance?

Do you think we all could  send few personal messages asking for a vote? Shall we? Lets do it !


If you have any questions, you can reach me at: virgil@digitalartisankitchen.com

Best regards

Virgil and all of us at Digital Artisan Kitchen