Our goal is a successful vegetarian/vegan food franchise that uses robotics and automation to serve nutritious meals at a competitive price

Virgil Naslenas

Virgil Naslenas

We rarely think of the impact we could have on our own well being and the enviroment by simply choosing a plant based or vegetarian diet for just a day or more a week.  As a former head chef I fully appreciate it takes thought, time and effort to prepare a nice vegetarian meal, or any meal in fact,  be it a home cook or a catering business.

One day it struck me - while whole world has long gone robotics and automation way, an industrial kitchens in comparison are still in the "middle ages", nearly all manual labour, long hours, hard graft.

Technically, it is all mass manufacture of identical goods to achieve an economy of scale, batch cooking, chilling, reheating...

Is there another way I have wondered, and my journey started back in 2014...

Virgil Naslenas / Founder / Digital Artisan Kitchen 

Digital Artisan Kitchen

Choosing your delicious vegetarian or vegan meal that is cooked to order in the robotic kitchen could be reality much sooner that you might think!   


We believe - Nutrition, Taste, Sustainability matters more than ever as we live our increasingly busy lives.

Nutritious food keeps us at our peak, we want healthy food that is also tasty, so it can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Sustainability? It makes us feel good that we are are working on a technology that has 0% food and energy wastage by desing.


Chefs skills will be still required to prepare fresh ingredients, cook stocks and sauces, which then will be loaded into automated dispensers. Only when the food order is placed, precise amount of ingredients will be dispenced for each dish, system  will operate multiple cooking vessels on a multiple cooking surfaces simultaneously with a precision and speed that simply could not be matched by human operator.

Customer will choose from one of the six options and customise further to add protein, carbs etc.



Joy of having freshly cooked meal that is tasty and nutritious. Also, a satisfying knowledge it was done with a minimal impact on the enviroment, maybe, on a quite a small scale, but nonetheless...


At Digital Artisan Kitchen we have developed an industrial robotic kitchen module:

- which allows  two chefs to produce 120 customised, individually cooked meals an hour

- kitchen module that only  has a 36 square meter footprint

- two or three modules can be combined to double or triple food output


Scaled down, proof of concept working prototypes of main units are complete.

Patent pending, SEIS pre-approved. Seed stage, UK start up.

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