15 May 2018

2H - Now or never...

Last time I'm harassing you I promise! Just a couple of hours, the the clock is ticking, we have never been so close to the Crowdfunder Award finale.

If every one of our supporters could find their best friend and convince them to pledge just £5 for WeeWash right now, we could raise £300 more before the end and secure our position!

Think about the planet, help us bring this super smart and sexy dishwasher to market!


14 May 2018

Last 24h - Change the future of WeeWash forever!

Dear friends,

What an amazing adventure! In just 17 days we managed to reach our goal and much more! We have just passed the 10k mark. You are changing the future of WeeWash and we are immensely grateful for your support. 

Is it over now? Not yet, only 24h to go!! We are back at the 4th postition thanks to some super generous contributors (thank you x1000), and we want to stay there! The battle is tough and we need to secure our position, stay among the Top 5, and only you have power to decide.

How to be a true hero during those last 24h ?

- If you voted for us, would you consider contributing financially? We have some great rewards, from the surprise goody/letter to the showcase of your own story/company on our future website.

- If you pledged already, that's awesome! Maybe a family member, or a friend of yours could be interested in our mission, so please share your support on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

- If you are still hesitating, think about those tiny flats in London, Paris, etc.. with a single sink to wash your dishes and clean yourself up... Think about our environmental mission, and our engagement to save water and energy on a global scale. Think about the 8 people across sub-Saharan Africa that will get access to clean, safe and reliable water thanks to our 2% donation to The Water Project charity. So if you have not done a good deed this month, please think about us, pledge for WeeWash. :)

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far. You are part of our story now, and we will show your our progress along the way.

Kind Regards,

Pierre & Francisco

12 May 2018

3 Days! - Help us win the Crowdfunder Award <3

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your amazing support so far! The competition is running until 7pm 15 May, which means...still three days to go!


We are currently 4th in the competition and we need your help more than ever to remain among the Top 5. Why? Because we are coming for the Crowdfunder Prize this year, a super prize of £60,000 that could boost our development by a factor 10! That means WeeWash will be available earlier on the market, and everyone waiting for one will be happier!

Sounds great right? So to help us win this Award, please pledge for us if you have not done it already, and share our project with your friend. Now, you have the power in your hands!

Save the planet, support WeeWash :)

Cheers, Pierre & Francisco

07 May 2018

77% - We got published in The Sunday Post!

Dear followers,

We have an amazing news for WeeWash this week! We got published in The Sunday Post <3 It is so exciting to get the word out about our global mission to save water and energy. Thank you for sharing and supporting our project, it means the world to us!

The Sunday Post is a weekly newspaper published in Dundee, Scotland, by DC Thomson, and characterised by a mix of news, human interest stories and short features. The paper was founded in 1914 and has a wide circulation across Scotland, Northern Ireland, and parts of Northern England.

We would like to warmly thank Laura Smith for the article, be sure to take a look to the online version:

Online Article: https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/glasgow-based-inventors-create-the-worlds-smallest-dishwasher/ 

One more thing... we have just 8 days left to smash our TARGET! We have raised 77% of £7,500 so far, thank you so much for your support, we can do it together!!



02 May 2018

12 Days left - We can do it together!

We have raised 74% of our goal in just 6 days!! We crafted this video especially for our supporters, a big thank you to everyone who pledged, voted, and shared our campaign.


Keep up the good work, we can make it to the finale together, and bring WeeWash to every individual living in a small flat in Europe, and desperately waiting for one.Cheers!