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Darren Wise

Darren Wise

This project is also looking for cash in return for rewards


Raised of £6,000,000 target

We'd like to introduce everyone in this pitch to an development by WISECORP, created by myself Darren Wise for future flexible computing needs, not only just in psychical form but much further afield too!

WiseDevice has two current forms currently an rigid and future release flexible model, inevitably replacing the demand on rigid display models which we are using as prototype and early release, small batch numbers for public testing.

Take a look and compare the two developing models:

WiseDevice Triple 6" rigid 2K display model:66bc84ca75a23402a5ee4a15360d70cb.png

While only the rigid triple 10.1" display WiseDevice is in full prototype form being tested, WiseDevice flexible model being in phase two development has moved on to the point of sourcing mass manufacturing, production contracts not only with complete custom display and touch which can only be produced in three of five display production houses globally and although in regular contact with updates on their transformations within display and touch manufacturing we are still not able to meet the cost demands and minimum orders to suit fully contracting these vital few components!



And that's why WISECORP is here, to pitch, we need the support, funding, staff to fill demands and meet the needs of a very flexible mobile computing platform nicknamed mAIO [Mayo] Mobile All in One which means a lot more then I should mention :D

Using the latest Intel tech, exotic materials WiseDevice from WISECORP from day one has been as much as possible British designed, produced and as much as possible PCB, components either actually produced, assembled or sourced from mainland UK suppliers albeit with a few of them actually being from with the EU but have production or offices here in the UK. Although this sounds fruitless, british production, manufacturing and products support us all it also becomes safer computing knowing as a core system in everyday life it's not just plonked together, handed a fancy tag with a hefty price.

WiseDevice rigid, 10.1 triple 2K display prototype was built over two years and all costing less then £999 even at a retail outlet if mass production went forward and for computing of this nature on such a mobile platform is amazing to see, I have an triple rigid folding 6” model currently in testing but having issues finding a good supplier for a set few amounts of components, so WiseDevice is a complete custom affair and not a plonked together product.

We'd really appreciate some awareness from the British community we wish to invest heavily in production here in the UK to support the needs of everyday life.

Please, visit www.wisecorp.co.uk where we have a fresher new look to our URL and while this is pretty much ground up developed by myself Darren Wise, I do find it difficult spreading myself between all the needs required of a fully running business due to staffing, funding, I have five children not a fully day to day income, don't claim any benefits, and invest every moment of my life I can in to the development of WiseDevice, it's not hard to choose between devices these days but WiseDevice sat in-front of you on a table.. You pick it up before anything else! Every time!